Start by creating your listing. It’s like a profile page for your Experiences or Products

Download The App

Download the Friendin App onto your smart device and go though the simply onboarding process.

Create Your Listing

Go to My Shop. Upload some great looking photos, fill out your description, and set your price.

It’s On Your Terms

You set the rules, location, time & any other details about your offering.

Who Can Book?

People from all around the world will be able to see what you have to offer and they will be able to message you directly and purchase your experiences over the platform all though our safe & secure payment gateway, for complete piece of mind.

We Are Always Here To Help

For more details check out FAQ visit our help center … or send us an email at

People Find Your Listing And Purchase 

Confirm your purchase

You will receive a notification and message for a booking request when a customer purchases your listing. Simply accept and the transaction is confirmed.

Message your customers

Organise a reservation date, time and location directly with your customer.

Welcome Your Customers

How you host is up to you. To get great reviews we recommend that you go that extra mile

Create The Unexpected

Friendin encourages all Hosts to go that extra mile with every experience or product they upload to their shop. Hosts are expected to provide unforgettable customer service, respect & all round great fun. The more memorable you make your experiences or product the better your review will be, which will help you to sell more.

How You Get Paid

Some of the ways you can choose to get paid include Paypal, direct deposit, and international money wire. Your payment is automatically sent 24 hours after the experiences has been completed or received. It’s that easy.

Earnings & Fees

Friendin prides themselves on being the cheapest commission base two-way marketplace. Listing your experiences or product on Friendin is free. Friendin only takes a 7.8% host service fee on each transaction. This fee includes all payment processing fees &commissions. There are no hidden costs.

What To Charge

What you charge is up to you. This is not a platform for discounting your products or experiences, but we do encourage that you do your homework to set the right price.

Friendin Is Built On Trust

Both customers and hosts have a profile with a picture. After completion of transaction both host and user have the chance to review. Reviews keep host & users accountable for the overall experience from both parties.

Friendships Are Worth More Than Money

Besides the extra income, hosts join a supportive worldwide community that share the same inspiration & passions that life has to offer.


Our unique profiling onboarding process when you first join, helps connect you with people all around the world that are interested in exactly what you have to offer.

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