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At Friendin, we believe that experiences are better shared with friends. So if you would like to let us know about an experience or activity that you would like to tick off your bucket list, we would be happy to organize it for you to try it out on us.


Living the Friendin experience will give you a true understanding of our vision for Friendin.


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Mark J. Ruck

Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

Rebecca Boyd-Bais

Co-Founder & CEO


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What People Are Saying

Our Friendin Beta tester community are raving about the App!


“Friendin is fun, unique & simple to use. Can’t wait to use it when I go traveling next month”


“Wow! Friendin is about to shake up the way the world shares experiences & activities”


“I wouldn’t be surprised if Friendin is the next big thing”


“I’m going to use Friendin to earn some extra money by creating a Sydney Urban tour”


“Friendin’s like the ultimate social networking App”

“Its just nice to use an app that doesn’t have marketing ads plastered all over it”


“imagine if a platonic Tinder and Airbnb had a love child.. Friendin would be born!”


“Friendin is the most exciting app I’ve every used, being compatibility match with like-minded friends and discovering local experiences to share them with is simply the best ice breaker!”


“I can finally make money doing something I’m passionate about”


“Finally a platonic friendship and experiences app”

“‘Addictive in so many ways, I love it!”


“I told my Mum about Friendin, she’s excited to use it to find a new travel companion”


“If people are still not familiar with the concept of a two-sided marketplace, they will be after they hear about Friendin”



“Are you kidding me! everyone in the world has an experience or activity that they could showcase and sell on Friendin, they may just not know it yet”

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