How It All Works

Machine learning algorithm

Our aim was to create more valuable connections without the long winded boring process, so we developed a super intelligent machine learning algorithm to do all the hard work for you

Artificially intelligent

But the hard work isn’t over yet! We know everyone grows and changes over time so we continue to work our magic by better connecting you with new friends the more you interact over the platform

Personality Profiling

Our most unique trait is our personality and the way we interact with others. We determine your personality by assessing sixteen personality types, which are derived from 8 personality factors and interests.

Astrology & Numerology

We then look to the stars and pull out your other important factors such astrology, numerology. We use these factors to match you with your most compatible star signs and life path numbers and interest then we let the magic happen.


Are you travelling or looking for someone or something a little be more specific? Our comprehensive filters allow you to narrows down your recommendations to pretty much anything!

Safety + Encryption

You can trust us! Our great team of leading practitioners and scientists have tested and validated our super intelligent engine. Plus all your personal data is kept private and encrypted at all times!.

Which personality type are you?

These avatars are the result of your unique personality traits, your social behaviors, your decision-making process and loads more! We use these characters as well as a number of other factors to determine your platonic compatibility with other potential friends to find your next adventure buddy! After answering the 12 simple onboarding questions you will be given your very own personality type character.


Innovative and enthusiastic

White Knight

Inspiring and compassionate


Imaginative and strategic


Adaptable and Driven


Practical and reliable


Spontaneous and charming


Kind and Idealist


Dedicated and warm


Bold and empowering


Charismatic and inspiring


Caring and social


Flexible and charming


Bold and empowering


Bold and confident


Enthusiastic and positive


Dedicated and goal focused