Our mission is to create real friendships between likeminded people. By inspiring & empowering our community to host a local experience or activity to share with the world!

What is Friendin

Make Friends, Share experiences

Friendin is a two-way marketplace social app that connects people who have an experience to share with those who are looking for an experience to try. Through shared experiences on Friendin, providers and users build real connections with real people from all around the world, based on similar compatibility traits.


Users gain access to unique and distinctive experiences shared by reliable providers and fully immerse themselves in the culture of the experience. Providers can effortlessly captivate an ever-growing audience by showcasing incredible experiences, whether it is zip lining through the Amazon or watching the sunrise atop a volcano in Antigua to discovering the best Waterfalls in the Blue Mountains.


Create a personalised account and set up shop to find the best experiences for you with tailored search results. Social connections highlight new friends in close proximity, with friends suggested based on our unique algorithm. Discover something you’ve always wanted to experience, simply save it to your wish list, purchase it directly though the App or even swipe it up to invite a friend.


Let Friendin find you new friends, to create experiences worth sharing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build real connections over shared experiences. At Friendin we believe that friendships are built when incredible experiences are shared and those special moments are captured forever. Our aim is to bring people together, create life long friendships and create happiness and enrichment for our community.


Our marketplace is built around the idea that experiences are created everyday by everyday people and we believe that every single person has a skill, hobby or interest that they can offer on Friendin. Friendin is a platform that allows individuals as well as existing businesses to provide unique experiences, leisure activities and creative products to people looking to discover new and exciting things.


Our goal is to challenge the status quo and educate people that they can create an extra income away from their 9-5 jobs and even make a new business out of something they are passionate about and want to share with the world.


Mark & Rebecca – the Co Founders of Friendin have always believed in giving back and creating positive change. Mark & Rebecca’s aim was simply to educate and encourage the spread of good will though Friendin to help work towards making our world a better place for all. Any money that is kindly donated from our users or hosts will go to a nominated charity cause that really strives to make a positive change in our world!


Friendin allows every user to simply donate a proportion of their earnings to make a positive difference, it is not compulsory it is simply to encourage and promote positive change.



Mark J. Ruck

Co-Founder & Entrepreneur
Co-Founder & Entrepreneur, App Creator, Bondi Pizza Bar & Grill, The Darlin Group, Property Developer. A food connoisseur that likes to strive for perfection in every element of his life. From an English humble beginnings, Mark would admit to being slightly OCD & a little eccentric. He struggled with school & dropped out at 16, but went on to win the prestigious Gordon Ramsey  scholarship. Mark strongly believes that you don’t need great qualifications to succeed in life as long as you are highly driven, respectful & passionate in everything you do. He has an enthusiastic & positive attitude towards life & enjoys encouraging people to spread goodwill across the world. “Having the privilege of working with incredible people who believe in our vision & goals, is the most rewarding factor of being an Entrepreneur”
Loves Audio books & chocolate..

Rebecca Boyd-Bais

Co-Founder & CEO

Founder and goal driven dynamite was on route to move to Hong Kong to undertake an expat position but took an unexpected left-hand turn into the tech world after completing her Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of International Trade & Commerce Law. After gaining invaluable experience at a digital & development agency back in 2012 she took her learning’s of end-to-end mobile platform development to co-found Friendin. She loves all things UX and adapting to consumer behavioural changes and she is always up for finding a solution to any problem. She confesses she is a slightly unconventional thinker who believes that whilst setting good foundations and a clear set of goals will empower you to achieve – creating happiness within the product you deliver, being adaptable and spreading goodwill is at the core of achieving real success.
Loves Green Tea Ice-cream & UX meetings.



Simon C.

Digital Producer

Bronte Rodgers

Marketing & Brand Manager



John Winning

Founder & CEO of Appliances Online

Miriam Toro

Tax accountant & Business Advisor

Trent Allan

Head Of Marketing & Web Developer At Appliances Online

Bill Constantinidis

Financial Advisor

Daniel Abrahams

Legal Advisor